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 Finding the Purpose of Life

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Have you ever wondered if life has any meaning? Are we here just to survive a little while, then cease to exist forever? Is this meaningless cycle to go on generation after generation until mankind itself is no more?

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Does Life Have Any Purpose?
Have you ever dreamt of a perfect world? Imagine the whole earth at peace . . .
An Enemy You Must Face, A Friend Who Will Help
Many who are struggling to improve the world are frustrated. Why is it that not even carefully planned programs achieve the desired results? Why do people insist on hating one another . . . ?
Getting Acquainted with God’s Word
If you open your Bible to the table of contents, you will notice that it is divided into two main sections . . .
Who Is God?
The Bible says, "God made out of one man every nation of men . . . and he decreed the appointed times . . . for them to seek God, if they would reach out for him and really find him. He is, in fact, not far off from each one of us . . ."
The One Through Whom All Things Are
Of all men who have ever lived, surely Jesus of Nazareth brought the greatest change to the course of history. He was born poor . . .
Let Your Kingdom Come
Government! What is it for? Today, it seems, governments are more part of the problem than the solution. Corruption, injustice, bureaucracy . . .
The Kingdom of God Is Near!
"Repent, for the Kingdom of God is near!" was the theme of Jesus’ ministry. But peace on earth did not come then, and it still isn’t here 2000 years later. What did Jesus mean? . . .
ARMAGEDDON! That is a word which strikes terror into the hearts of many. It means the end of the world! Many think it will come by a nuclear World War . . .
Making Earth a Paradise
Imagine the gentle dawn, the day after. The violent storm of the night has passed. Around you lies devastation: the weapons of the wicked lie scattered. Their clean-picked bones are everywhere. Roads are buckled, buildings collapsed, wires down. But you don’t mind . . .
"All Those In the Graves Will Hear His Voice"
If you have ever lost a friend to death, you know the empty feeling that death brings . . .
Loyalty to the Kingdom
The Kingdom of God is a real government, established by God with his Son Jesus christened as its King . . .
Christian Organization
Should Christians be organized? Some feel that God deals with each one of us privately, so no organization is required. What does God himself say?
Wisdom of God to Guide Your Life
In this world there is constant intense debate over what is true, what is the right way to go. Many get discouraged and confused, because every viewpoint seems plausible . . .
Choose the Way of Life
God urges us to choose life, and tells us clearly how to do so. Still, it is up to us to make that decision . . .

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